What does membership offer me?

When you are a member of F&S Luxembourg, you have unlimited access to all F&S classes and you can work out as much as you like every week. F&S Luxembourg offers classes all year around.

However, as most classes are offered in sports halls that belong to schools, there is a reduced offer during school holidays.

In the summer F&S offers free outdoor classes for adults and children, as well as some indoor classes for members only. Indoor classes for children are only held during term time.

NB: To participate in our adult classes you have to be over 12 years old (but over 13 for Barbell and over 15 for Barbell Interval).


Types of members and membership

There are 3 categories of members:

  • Age group 2-12 years,
  • Age group 13-26 years
  • Age over 26
For the Family classes, the children (aged 2-7 years) become members and the parents participate for free the said class.
We offer 12 and 6 month memberships. It is also possible to buy a one month unlimited-class memberhsip.
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