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You can purchase any of these items and pick them up at Ecole Française (EF) in Limeptsberg before or after one of our classes. This his how:

Please transfer the correct amount to F&S Luxembourg’s bank account: Dexia LU72 0027 1507 3573 7100. The BIC/SWIFT code is BILLLULL.

IMPORTANT: Please mark your name and the article number/name of the item(s) you have purchased clearly in the message field.

When F&S has received the money you can pick up the item at Ecole Francaise. Please allow for 5 working days.

pipoweb  Friskis & Svettis beanie, color grey. Price: €8

Anniversary T-shirts: Price: €10
Women V neck- 100% bio Cotton- Sizes S/M/L/XLMen Round neck-100% Cotton-Sizes L/XL/XXL
VacuumFlask Vacuum flask Vacuum flask with 2 mugs. Stainless steel. Approx 26cm tall, 8cm diameter.Article no: #10Price: €10

bag Scuba bag, price: €20
RUCKSACK MAIN 2ROCKSACK Rucksack Bag price: €30









Beach/Gym Bag price:€7

Pannband Sweat bands (available only in red). Price: €3

handduk-röd-variant-150x150  Towel: Price €15
MiniRöris 2 Mini-Röris  2 – Sessions for kids on CDMini-Röris 1 and 2 are playful exercise programmes, targeted at children between three and six years. If you are a parent, grandparent, older sibling or a preschool teacher you can use Mini-Röris with children at home or at work. Mini-Röris is fun and easy and you can do the programme both indoors and outdoors. Children do not even need to change clothes to exercise.The programme is divided into five parts: start, floor, up, cool-down and rest. The different parts can be used separately or together. The whole programme is about 20 minutes.Each Mini-Röris package includes a music CD with instructions in Swedish and a poster which illustrates the movements. Three bonus songs are included so that you can change the programme a bit. In Mini-Röris 2 the theme of the bonus songs is the sea.With Mini-Röris Friskis&Svettis wants to use its many years of experience with music and movement to inspire children and the adults around them to a life full of fun and playful movement.MiniRöris 2, article no #9Price: €20
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