Father Christmas arrived right on time to join the Friskis&Svettis Mega Christmas session in Ecole française.

Suvi and the participants in Dance opened up with a mini-show with the best-of-2014-songs. Then followed the Xmas session, extra everything: Extra long and sweaty (70 minutes), extra 100% Christmas music, extra delicious (refreshments, gingerbread and Swedish glögg) .

Xmas photographer: Patrik Österblad



IMG_6670 IMG_6700 IMG_6702 IMG_6718 IMG_6745  IMG_6787 IMG_6794

IMG_6628 IMG_6805 IMG_6839 IMG_6844 IMG_6853 IMG_6869 IMG_6875 IMG_6883 IMG_6899 IMG_6904 IMG_6921 IMG_7021IMG_6934 IMG_6938 IMG_6947 IMG_6962 IMG_6970 IMG_6972 IMG_6986 IMG_6993 IMG_7005 IMG_7013  IMG_7037 IMG_7043

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