Barbell, Barbell Interval

The Barbell classes will give you strength and endurance and is great for your legs, hips, back, abdomen, chest, shoulders and arms.

Barbell Interval is a combination of efficient strength training and tough cardio. If you like sporty and straightforward exercise, then Barbell Interval is for you. The exercises are simple and efficient. You follow clear instructions to cool music, using a barbell, weights and a step to work out. You adapt the weights yourself and can use anything from just the weight of the bar or add a number of extra kilos.

At the end of the Barbell Interval class, 15 minutes of cardio training is added in intervals. It’s 75 minutes of sweat, fun and good music!

The Barbell class in one hour long. Here we focus on strength, and there is no cardio training or jumping.

Circuit Training

Functional Strength Training with Tempo

Circuit Training is a form of group training with focus on strength for the entire body. You work at different stations with tools such as different kinds of weights, bars, kettle bells, balls, step boards and jumping ropes or using your own body weight.

The class begins with an introduction to the exercises. After a warm up together as a group, it is time for three rounds in the Circuit. You exercise for 45 seconds at one station and continue to the next during the 10-15 seconds break (pause in the music) between the exercises. The class finishes with a cool down together as a group.

The group, the music and the instructor will pep you up throughout the class.

The exercises are functional, which means that you train your body for things that it is made for, including stretching, bending and rotating. You choose your own tempo – you do not have to think about the tempo of the background music – and you can choose to use external weights or your own body weight throughout most of the class. You also choose how hard you want to work out – we are there to make sure that you keep up a good technique while doing so.”

Power Hour

Power Hour is a sporty group session with varied exercises and a lot of energy . Straight and simple technique with a medicine ball which creates stamina and helps to find the right technique in the exercises .

In Power Hour we practice stamina, endurance, strength and explosivenes. We work to the music but everybody in his/her own pace, so it’s the participant who determine how challenging it gets.

No preregistration needed.

NB: Strength classes are for all members over 13 years of age.

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