Flex soft is focused on clear and dynamic movements with soft mobility exercises being gentle for joints and muscles. You will have a soft, but at the same time, energetic training experience.

In Flex soft we perform functional exercises to increase the range of our natural movement with soft-focused exercises including shoulders, back, hips, legs and ankles. We strive for body awareness and also to develop stability and balance. Therefore you will train barefoot. The movements are performed while standing, sitting and lying to stretch the entire body according to its own ability. If you wish you can bring your own Yoga-mat.

The training is functional and is also suitable for those who want relaxation for body and mind. The instructor will guide you through the class which lasts for 55 minutes.You do not need any training experience and you can easily adapt the exercises to your own ability.

Flex45 is a functional training class focusing on mobility. The character is best described as sporty, athletic, flow, energy, focus and presence. It’s an active and dynamic movement training also focusing on balance and stability. Flex45 is a barefoot 45 minutes class, bring your own Yoga mat if you like.




Core is a functional training focused on body stability, strength, balance and agility. No apparatuses are used and the exercises are done on the floor or standing up, with the body used as a weight.

The class is aimed at those who have begun to train and wish to supplement it with more specific exercises for the back, stomach, body strength and stability. Therefore, Core combines well with barbell, jogging and the like. You should wear good sports shoes.



Core Mama

Core Mama is a class for all mothers-to-be and fresh mommies. You prepare yourself for the arrival of the baby and keep yourself fit, then continue after the baby has arrived, joining the classes together with your baby.

In Core Mama, you build up a good posture, you improve your stability and flexibility in a functional way.  In focus, core muscles. You are guided through the session, helping you to become aware, finding  keys and techniques to activate the stabilizing muscles. Important for lifting and for controlling the perineum.
The session is without any cardio training, but you are encouraged to train cardio by walking or other ways that suit you best. Core Mama is also a cosy and privileged come together with adapted music for mommies and babies. It’s your moment!
Time & place
Thursday mornings at 9.30-10.30 at the sports hall of LuxChiro in Kirchberg, close to the European School I. Address: LuxChiro, 239 Val des Bon Malades, Kirchberg
More information
By e-mail to info@friskis.lu



Yoga 2 is a more challenging and dynamic continuation of Yoga 1. The exercises have a continuous flow and there is more time to “deepen into” the asanas (positions) from Yoga 1. Yoga 2 builds upon classical yoga and focuses on breathing, movements, relaxation and getting in harmony with your body, while training your flexibility, strength and balance.

Please wear loose fitting long-sleeved shirts and trousers for this class. During the class you are barefoot, but you may prefer to wear some socks and an extra sweater for the relaxation exercises. You should also bring your own mat to the 75 minute class.



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