In total there are almost 7 000 Friskis&Svettis instructors in Sweden, Norway, Finland, Aberdeen, Brussels, Copenhagen, London, Luxembourg and Paris. All these instructors have been trained centrally by Friskis&Svettis in Sweden. In fact F&S has trained its own instructors since it began in 1978. Instructors are recruited by the local Friskis&Svettis organisations and have to pass a selection test. Then they follow a training which is divided into two steps.

  • Step 1 is a four day theoretical course which focuses on physiology and it is the same for everyone, regardless of the specialisation the instructor will have.
  • Step 2 is a five day course, which concentrates entirely on the form of training that the participant will give instruction in.

Step 1 takes place in Sweden and Step 2 either in Sweden or Brussels. Those who complete these two courses and pass the theoretical and the practical test are awarded a diploma and become F&S instructors.

Cecilia Elm Eklöf (Running/Cross)


Suvi Lamberg-Auvinen (Medium, Fuego, Dance)

Minna Hautala-Toivakka (Basic, Medium, Core)

Åsa Jacob (Barbell, Barbell Interval, Circuit Training)

Pirjo Lumme (Running/Cross)


Annika Näslund Fogelberg (Medium Pulse)

Maria Österblad (Flex, FlexSoft, Basic)

Carolina Skoglund (Medium)

Sanna van Look-Peltonen (Basic Pulse, Soft Core)

Kathy Liput (Medium, Yoga)

Nina Holm (Barbell, Power Hour, Family)

Rosie Colin (Dance)

Veera Heinonen (Medium)

Stefanos Kotsis (Intensive, BoxFit, Circuit Training)


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