In total there are almost 7 000 Friskis&Svettis instructors in Sweden, Norway, Finland, Aberdeen, Brussels, Copenhagen, London, Luxembourg and Paris. All these instructors have been trained centrally by Friskis&Svettis in Sweden. In fact F&S has trained its own instructors since it began in 1978. Instructors are recruited by the local Friskis&Svettis organisations and have to pass a selection test. Then they follow a training which is divided into two steps.

  • Step 1 is a four day theoretical course which focuses on physiology and it is the same for everyone, regardless of the specialisation the instructor will have.
  • Step 2 is a five day course, which concentrates entirely on the form of training that the participant will give instruction in.

Step 1 takes place in Sweden and Step 2 either in Sweden or Brussels. Those who complete these two courses and pass the theoretical and the practical test are awarded a diploma and become F&S instructors.

Veera Heinonen (Medium)


Suvi Lamberg-Auvinen (Medium, Fuego, Dance, Family Circuit)

Minna Hautala-Toivakka (Basic, Medium, Core)

Åsa Jacob (Barbell, Barbell Interval, Circuit Training)

Pirjo Lumme (Circuit Training)


Annika Näslund Fogelberg (Medium Pulse, Fuego)

Maria Österblad (Flex, FlexSoft, Basic)

Carolina Skoglund (Medium, Step)

Sanna van Look-Peltonen (Basic Pulse)

Kathy Liput (Medium, Yoga, Family Circuit)

Nina Holm (Barbell, Power Hour, Family)

Rosie Colin (Dance)


Stefanos Kotsis (Intensive, BoxFit, Circuit Training)


Martin Hassan (Circuit Training)



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