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Happy Fitness -Hamm

20, rue des Peupliers, L-2328 Hamm, Luxembourg Line 15 (Hamm, Kierch approx 350m away)
Line 20 (Hamm, rue de Bitboutg appox 450m away)
Line 29 (Hamm, Cents train station approx 750m away)
Cents CFL train station approx 750m away
Line 160(Hamm, Ronndreisch approx 950m away)

Konviktsgaard – Résidence Grand-Duchesse Charlotte

City center: avenue Marie-Thérèse

11, av. Marie-Thérèse, Luxembourg city

This “salle de gymnastique” is situated few blocks from Hamilius in the city center. The room is on level minus 2.

Situated within a 5-minute walk from the Luxembourg City main bus station “Hamilius-Aldringen”, you may also take bus Nr. 7 or 15, exit “Rheinseim” (Schedule Nr. 7 & Schedule Nr. 15) or walk from Monterey or Wampach Free underground parking is available.

Please note: Google Maps points to a different location when you type in the address.

European School Kirchberg Hall G


 23 Boulevard Konrad Adenauer, L-1115 Luxembourg-Kirchberg Buses 7 and 18, (Bus stop “Konrad Adenauer”) The classes take place in front of the bus stop

Kiem Hall Omnisport

40 bvd Pierre Frieden
L-1543 Luxembourg
Bus 18 (Bus stop “Léon Thyes”)

The classes take place in the sports hall which is situated opposite of the RTL building.

European School in Mamer

 6, rue Gaston Thorn
 Bus 28 to the last stop  Approaching Mamer coming from the Belle Etoile, follow signs to Ecole Européenne and then to SPO/Piscine. You have to drive all the way round to the back of the complex.


Parc de Merl

Rue J-P Dupong
Belair Luxembourg
Buses 5 and 6, (Bus stop “Merl, Parc”)

15 (Bus stop “Bragance”)


The classes take place in front of the café.

Kyosk – Central Park Kirchberg

Central Park Kirchberg
Tram to Coque, bus 8 and 20 to busstop Leon Hengen and the “Eurobuses”, 16, 18 etc to busstop Antoine de St Exupéry The classes take place in close to the café Kyosk.

International School of Luxembourg (ISL)


36 Boulevard Pierre Dupong
1430 Luxembourg-Merl
Buses 1 and 27 (Bus stop “Pierre & Paul”),

15 (Bus stop “Alphonse München”)

 The classes take place at the Lower School’s sports hall.

Hall Sportif Adam Roberti

City center: Hall Omnisport-Merl



 62 bd Marcel Cahen, 1311 Luxembourg, Luxemburg.  

This hall omnisport can be reached by several buses, the closest being: buses Nr.5,6, 213,215 stop Merl, Orval or bus Nr. 15,27 stop Marcel Cohen.

This hall is not too far from the P&R bouillon parking in Merl. The sports hall is on the ground floor attached to a primary school. You can enter from either bd Marcel Cahen or rue Adam Roberti.

There is a lot of free street parking on rue Adam Roberti.

Ecole Mühlenbach (PD)

151, rue de Mühlenbach
L-2168 Luxembourg
Bus 21- Stop Eecher, SchmelzBuses: 5,10,11-Stop Eecher Plaz

Bus: 13-Stop Laval’s Park

Bus:25-Stop -W. Knupp

 Parking is available at around 100/150m from the school


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