Vision and values

Our vision is: Healthy exercise & the pleasure of moving for everyone!

Core values

Our core values are Joy, Engagement, Inclusivity and Genuineness.

We believe that these values describe the F & S Luxembourg personality. These are the key features we want to cultivate, stand for, visualize and become known for. We want our core values to be visible in the training offer and in the way we communicate with our members. We want our values to help shape our culture – both within the volunteers in the organisation and among our members.

Joy, Engagement, Inclusivity and Genuineness

Joy – F & S consists of positivity and inspiring people who want to convey the pleasure of training. We want you to experience a joyful / happy workout when you train with us.

Commitment – F & S is a community of volunteers whose commitment is to inspire others to join a sports activity and get moving.

Inclusivity – At F & S all are welcome. We have a strong focus on providing training for everyone – regardless of their fitness level or age.

Genuineness – F & S is authentic, sincere and offers training that is fun, modest, accessible, functional, and thoughtful.


Why should you choose Friskis & Svettis?

In F&S we say: The most important thing is not to change your lifestyle by taking anything away, but adding something to your life.

When you find the exercise that suits your style, the change will be easy and fun. This is why F&S emphasises variety, wellbeing and enjoyment. The fun and the feel-good approach should be the biggest reasons to work out. Then it’s easier to continue. A bad conscience and a feeling of obligation does not work in the long-term to make exercise a part of your daily life.

Enjoyment in F & S training is the special additional dimension. Those are the reasons our members train with us – and stay with us.

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